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Optimum performance
Plasson provides a wide range of nipple drinker systems for broilers which allow you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailored to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and superior service guarantees you optimum performance for best results.

Superbly suited for various climates
Plasson's watering systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic conditions, with special expertise in hot climates and or in totally controlled environment houses.

Gray Nipple
Cross Section

Helping you meet market demands for heavy-weight broilers
Heavy birds need more water. Plasson's Nipple Drinkers are the best systems on the market designed to meet the needs of heavy broilers.
The high flow of Plasson's nipple ensures that even one touch of the nipple will provide plenty of water to the chicken - this is extremely important in dimly lit houses. By providing the optimum quantity of water for broilers to reach weights of 8 lbs. and more, Plasson's system assists the grower to meet the demands of the market.

Easy side-action-from day one to maturity
The Plasson nipple provides the maximum amount of water at the slightest touch. The nipple responds at any angle. Even day old chicks, at the most critical stage of growth, can easily activate the nipple.